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Vin de Pêche

Vin de Pêche

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 A delicate flavor of an existing ripe peach with layers of a soft sweetness on a nice lingering finish reminiscent of a southern peach harvest. All AmRhein's wines are made from 100% estate grown grapes cultivated in our three vineyard locations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia since 1995.


Vintage Notes

Vin de Peche is a sweet white wine blend with added natural flavors.  Each vintage has subtle differences but overall we seek similarity from batch to batch.  Sometimes the wines available for blending may vary and sometimes something new is added (like chocolate), but that is another whole story in itself.


Viticulture and Vineyard Site

This vintage of Vin de Peche is made from Marsanne which is grown in the red clay soils of our Botetourt County Vineyard and Vidal Blanc from Bent Mountain.  This blend would have been a nice wine by itself, but with the flavors it becomes truly unique and special.


Wine Making

The making a Vin de Peche involves a lot of experimentation, testing, and tasting.  We experiment with different blends for the base wine and then when we find what we are looking for we start experimenting with the flavors.  We test them in small quantities adding little by little until we think its right.  Then we add more to confirm our hypothesis tasting every step of the way. 


Tasting Notes and Food Pairing

While Vin de Peche can be enjoyed any time of year, it really offers a taste of summer with fresh ripe peaches accented with white chocolate.  Served chilled, this wine can be enjoyed as desert, with desert, or in desert.  One of our favorites is to place frozen peaches, vanilla ice cream, and Vin de Peche in the blender to make a peach wine milk shake.