2019 Blush

2019 Blush


This sweet wine delivers loads of honey dew, strawberries, blueberries, and finishes beautifully with a hint of orange zest.  All AmRhein's wines are made from 100% estate grown grapes cultivated in our three vineyard locations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia since 1995.


Vintage Notes

The 2019 blush is a sweeter and slightly different version of our Rosé.  Rosé refers to a style of wine making and not to a specific grape varietal.   There are 3 ways to make Rosés which include blending red and white wine, pressing red grapes off the skins, or bleeding off juice (called saignée) in a red wine must to increase concentration on the skins.  Rosé wines can be made from almost any red grapes and can range widely in color and flavors. 


Viticulture and Vineyard Site

All the wines blended into this Blush were grown in our Franklin County vineyard in red clay soil at 1700’ elevation.  2019 was an incredible growing season in both quality and quantity, thus providing enough fruit to add Blush and Rosé to our lineup.


Wine Making

The 2019 Blush is made from a blend of 50% Cabernet Franc, 35% Petite Verdot, 12% Traminette, and 3% Muscat Ottenel.   After crushing and de-stemming the grapes, the Cabernet Franc was soaked on the skins for 12 hours prior to