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Local Food and Wine Pairing Party

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Food and wine go hand-in-hand. The best way to truly understand local Roanoke, VA is to experience what's possible in the 'Star City of the South.' How better to do that than to attend AmRhein's Wine Cellars' food and wine experience. AmRhein's winemaker, Steve Howard, and Blue Ridge Catering's top chef, Mark Baldwin, collaborated to share what each does best. At AmRhein's New Wine Release Party in Bent Mountain, you can take in the sweeping Blue Ridge Mountain vistas while tasting food distinctively designed for each locally handcrafted, artisan red and white wines. AmRhein's Wine Cellars' 100% estate wines are all grown within 30 miles of their tasting room and is a true taste of the region. You'll learn what new and fascinating work goes into growing grapes and making wine in Virginia while sampling the regions best food and wine pairings. Planning a trip around a wine and food event can be a great excuse for traveling to southwest Virginia. Here, are five reasons to visit on Saturday, June 20, 2019.