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Holiday Wine Gift Sets

What do you love to do with your wine? Drink it? There are so many other things to do with wine over the holidays. We warm it up with various mulling spices, we cook with it in hearty stews, and best of all, we give it to our friends and family.

Give a bottle (or 6 bottles) of the good stuff this holiday season with four of our wine gift sets. Order these gift sets online by December 14 for New Year's delivery.

For all of those who are important to you, this Estate Trio Wine Gift set is sure to impress. Included within this set is our Signature Wine, Petit Verdot, an incredibly smooth wine  is ready for your gift recipient to enjoy.  The deep golden color of our Chardonnay featuring bright fruit, and a crisp clean finish makes it perfect for the holiday season. This rich ruby-red Cabernet Franc, a 2018 Silver Medal winner in the Governor's Cup, pairs well with many of your favorite holiday dishes.Surprise your friends this year with this gift set from estate wines made from vines in the Blue Ridge Mountains

So you have someone on your list that just likes to have fun?  Then the Horrible People Wine Gift Set is for them.  Our 'famous' Red Wine Sangria and White Wine Sangria are a a favorite with just about everyone.  Handcrafted in our winery on Bent Mountain from a family recipe.  Included is Cards Against Humanity game ensuring hours of fun!

Robust, hearty and even heart-healthy, this Red Wine Lover Gift Set is sure to make the ones you love smile. This set features six of our most popular red wines from our local vineyards in Southwest Virginia. Give the gift of health in a delicious way! Melange features flavors of black currant and mocha and was just released in spring 2018. Aglianico, aged in French oak, features bright flavors of cherries. Cabernet Sauvignon features black fruits and is a full bodied wine. Merlot showing black berries with caramel notes, what's not to love? Petit Verdot featuring plum flavors with dark plum flavors and spice. Cabernet Franc a smooth wine enhanced by flavors of red raspberry jam. What's not to love about this gift set?

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