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An Underrated Hiking Trail Right in AmRhein’s Wine Cellars Backyard

Waterfall lovers, where are you? The second highest waterfall in Virginia is found along the Bottom Creek Gorge Trail. Walk this easy, solitary wooded five-miler along the Blue Ridge Plateau south of Roanoke to discover the second highest waterfall in Virginia, at 200 feet. This lovely Bottom Creek Gorge Preserve features impressive flora, very tall hardwoods, a large number of wildflowers and common woodland animals-all beautiful and native. Bears are also common in this area and the US Forestry Service advises to follow certain procedures. This Nature Conservancy features multiple gorges unknown to the average hiker. The confluence with Goose Creek and the end of the gorge forms the South Fork Roanoke River. Known for gnarly kayaking whitewater in Virginia, the gorge is approximately 3 miles long and ranges from 300 feet deep on the upper end to 900 feet deep on the lower end. This powerful mountain stream forms a stair-step series of broad-basin waterfalls known as "The Kettles." Camp Creek is a continuous cascade above the lower drop and is an impressive sight. The 4.8-mile hike boasts 900 feet in elevation and takes about 2 hours. Along the loop trail there are other sights, rarely seen, like the house and the cemetery. These might require some searching around to find. This hike is best to do after a full days rain to guarantee that the falls are flowing. After your hike, drive 2.6 miles to AmRhein’s Wine Cellars and enjoy a wine tasting for $8 and a Summer Sausage, Cheese, Fruit & Cracker Plate for $15. The perfect way to end the day in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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