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The corks are ready for popping and the turkey is ready for carving! Are you having a Thanksgiving feast this year? Then you need a local Virginia wine list that will add to all your preparations. You can find the perfect wine this year that will complement the flavors of your Thanksgiving meal – the biggest meal of the year.

Did you know that more wine is sold for Thanksgiving celebrations than any other time of the year? Plan your wine list ahead of time to get the best value for your holiday wine.

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There is such variety in foods and flavors for a Thanksgiving dinner. There’s white and dark meat, rich yams, tangy cranberries, creamy mashed potatoes, and spiced pumpkin pie. Having more than one holiday wine to share will give your guests options when serving appetizers, enjoying the stuffed turkey and serving delicious heart-warming desserts.

Really, there are no tried-and-true rules to follow when picking the right red or white wine. What’s most important to consider is how it tastes and how it compliments what you’re serving. However, as a general rule, lighter, livelier and less complex wines traditionally go better with a Thanksgiving feast than bolder wines.

Here’s our list of AmRhein Wine Cellars’ wines that are perfectly paired with turkey and all the fixings. All AmRhein's wines are locally grown and designed right in the heart of Southwest Virginia, 30 minutes outside of downtown Roanoke, Virginia. So you can feel good about supporting a local Virginia farmer and their product.

White Wines

Chardonnay is a great, everyday wine. But it is generally too intense to be served alongside Thanksgiving dinner. Consider instead AmRhein’s white wines that are refreshing, tangy, and fruity:

Traminette: A delightful floral nose sets up this crisp and refreshing off-dry wine featuring flavors of grapefruit and pineapple. The acidity is balanced with a natural residual fruit sugar reminiscent of the German Spatlase.

Vidal Blanc: This intriguing wine features sweet luscious tropical fruit that is a well structured wine rich in taste and very elegant with a smooth finish that is clean and refreshing.

Pinot Grigio: This crisp and refreshing wine boosts lemon and apple flavors with a touch of almond on a nice lingering finish.

Red Wines

Can you serve red wine with turkey? Of course! Well, maybe not reds that are tart and high in tannins like a Cabernet, but you can serve lighter reds. The light red brightness contrasts well with a hearty traditional menu and has always been a holiday wine of choice especially if you are cooking some sort of a root vegetable dish with brussel sprouts, beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes - Consider these AmRhein wines on your table:

Aglianico: This medium bodies red wine features bright flavors of cherries and smooth tannins from aging in French oak.

Melange: Masterfully blended red wine features black currant and mocha on the nose with complex layers of black fruits, coffee and dark chocolate on the palate finishing with soft tannins.

Rosé Wine

What to be en vogue for the holidays? Then plan your wine tasting around a Rosé and be sure to get a lot of thumbs up. A balanced, fruitful and lively pink wine, when served chilled, can complement any heavy holiday sit-down meal and features honey dew and strawberry on the palate. This is the perfect wine for family gatherings or to share with friends!

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